The Fantasy House De Groene Weide provides before-school and after-school care in our building.

The after-school care is part of Child Center Utrecht Hoge Weide and is located in the Op de Groene Alm primary school. In this integrated child center, children stay in the same familiar environment after school.

At Fantaziehuis BSO De Groene Weide, children have all the play space they need to have a great time after school. There's a large playground with multiple play equipment right outside the door. Further on, older children can play hide and seek in the bushes or enjoy the cable car.

Our club offerings give children the opportunity to discover their talents and interests. For example, we have a kitchen where children can cook. In the technology room, they create the most beautiful crafts. If they need to burn off energy, they can have fun in the gymnasium.

Even during school holidays and study days, there's plenty to do with us! Each vacation has its own exciting theme with creative and sportive activities. We turn each holiday into a celebration with the children.

All information and registrations are available on this website.


Gro-up Toddler Center De Kleine Alm

Peuteropvang de Kleine Alm is located within the school building. The classroom is designed to provide your toddler with an optimal environment for entertainment. There's a play corner, a reading nook, a building area, and a miniature city. If your toddler enjoys being creative, they can explore the studio. Of course, outdoor activities are also part of our routine. We have a nice, newly arranged playground right next to the classroom. In this toddler center, children are prepared for their upcoming school years. The groups also accommodate a number of children with developmental delays to help bridge their gaps as much as possible. We collaborate with the toddler center 'de Kleine Alm' to create a seamless transition from toddler education to kindergarten education. De Kleine Alm also offers programs in English.