Complaints Procedure

At times, events may occur within the school that parents, students, or staff members may have issues with. Ideally, and initially, those involved should engage in a conversation about such matters. Fortunately, experience shows that most cases are resolved through dialogue. However, there may be situations where this doesn't lead to a resolution, and in such cases, there is the option to file a complaint.

You can find information on how we handle such situations in our school guide. Additionally, you will find the name and contact information of our internal contact person. If you require more information, we refer you to the complaints procedure and/or thecomplaint chart of the KSU.

For complaints regarding discrimination, radicalization, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, severe physical violence, or mental violence (bullying), you can also contact a confidential adviser from the Inspectorate. The confidential adviser provides advice and support regarding such complaints. Students, teachers, parents, and other involved parties can seek assistance from the confidential adviser. In cases of suspected sexual abuse, schools are legally required to contact the confidential adviser. The confidential advisers can be reached by phone at 0900-1113111.