Mission and vision

"I am learning to be my best self."

Our goal is:

To provide a safe and structured environment for every child, where they can develop optimally in cognitive, socio-emotional, and creative aspects, and where work, play, and learning with, through, and from each other hold a central place. We help children bring out the best in themselves by providing insight into their own selves and how they relate to others.


Modern society calls for self-directed and independent individuals who take initiatives and are active and creative; those who can make decisions, collaborate, and communicate, and who feel responsible for their own well-being and that of others. Fundamental prerequisites for this are self-confidence, emotional freedom, and curiosity. In our society, people learn throughout their lives, and the world we engage with extends beyond our national borders. We prepare children for this reality. Basic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics are essential, but independent learning, critical thinking and decision-making, self-awareness and self-control, collaboration, and creative development are also crucial skills to learn. Being able to communicate in a global language and consciously engaging with our world are additional aspects we aim to instill in children through our English and Science, Nature, and Technology (SNT) education.