Participation council

At De Groene Alm, like every school, there is a participation council (MR). The MR has authority over many issues related to the school.

The School Participation Act (established in 2007, last version in 2021) and the Participation Council Regulation determine the activities and rights of the MR. The key points include:

  • Everyone has the opportunity to present their interests.
  • All parties can explain their viewpoints and, if necessary, defend them.
  • There is openness, both within the MR and towards the school.

The MR is permitted to discuss all topics related to Op de Groene Alm with the school management. This allows the MR to provide its opinion on policy proposals, the direction the school board wants to take, and the corresponding actions.

The MR consists of 6 individuals, divided into 2 groups of 3. On one hand, there are representatives of parents (the parent representation), and the other half consists of staff members (the staff representation). All parents and staff members can make themselves available for the MR during elections. Our MR holds approximately 8 meetings per year, and these meetings are open to everyone. The meeting dates and minutes for the ongoing school year can be found on Social Schools.




Parent representation


Parent representation


Parent representation

Nicole van Riel

Staff representation

Michiel Gaakeer

Staff representation


Leerkracht groep 8 - Zonnebloemen en Leerlab 5-8

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