About the school

Modern Education:

At De Groene Alm, we provide modern education with a focus on independent learning, collaboration, decision-making, and critical thinking. ICT supports our educational approach.

Attention and Responsibility:


We consider it of great importance to provide individual attention to each child, as demonstrated through individual conversations with children and upon their arrival in the classroom. Personal attention to others is a priority. With our structured care system, we aim for the optimal development of each child. Attention to parents is evident in the discussions we have with them and the time we dedicate to those discussions. We strive to maintain a positive relationship in which we continue to see others as they truly are.


We believe that modern society calls for self-directed and independent individuals who take initiatives and are active and creative; those who can make decisions, collaborate, and communicate, and who feel responsible for their own well-being and that of others. To teach our children these skills, we incorporate inquiry-based and design-based learning into our science, nature, and technology education. We also teach children skills such as self-planning and self-assessment. In our context, responsibility also encompasses respectful behavior and care – for the world around us, for our immediate surroundings, and for each individual. Therefore, our focus on nature, technology, and sustainability is intrinsic. We also ask for responsibility from the students to develop themselves to the best of their abilities and from the parents to assist their child in this development.

Extra Subjects:

At De Groene Alm, we pay significant attention to Science, Nature, and Technology education. Children learn experientially about nature and technology and engage in inquiry-based and design-based learning. We provide one hour of English per week from grade 1 to 8 and hold an Early Bird certification for our English education.