Parent involvement

"We consider a strong collaboration between the school and parents to be very important. A good partnership between parents and the school is necessary to ensure that all our students can excel. Research shows that this collaboration leads to better outcomes. That's why we have a parent partnership. Being involved with your child's school is possible for every parent!

Required Contacts:

You can see this in the conversations we have and the ways in which we involve parents. Before your child starts, there is an introductory meeting with the teacher where you can tell the teacher what your child needs to feel comfortable and learn. After a month, there is a monthly meeting in which the teacher discusses how the first month has gone so that you, along with the teacher, can assess how things are going. At the beginning of each school year, there is a parent evening where information about the curriculum is provided. We expect at least one parent from each family to attend. Around the autumn break, there is a meeting to get to know the new teacher. Twice a school year in January and June, there are report meetings. We allocate 20 minutes per child for this, allowing for a good mutual discussion about the child's development. Apart from these scheduled contact moments, both the teacher and the parent can initiate a meeting to discuss matters. If your child has developmental delays, the teacher will involve you and may ask for extra practice with your child.

Voluntary Contacts:

Together with the preschool center, we occasionally organize informative sessions about how parents can support education. For example, we might address parenting questions or activities that can be done at home to enhance language or math skills. Roughly once a month, there is a parent café where parents can meet each other. Once a year, there is a public session of the Kanjertraining program where parents can come to observe in the classroom.

Parent Participation:

For excursions and events, we ask for parents' help in organization and supervision. We greatly appreciate it if you can contribute occasionally, but we also understand that this might not be possible for all parents. For parents who want to participate more consistently, we have an Activities Committee that coordinates all festivities at our school, and we also have class parents for each grade."