Parent Portal Social Schools

We use Social Schools, an online communication platform for primary education. The goal is to provide parents with more insight into what's happening in the classroom in a simple, visually appealing, and informative manner. We believe it's important for you to be aware and stay informed about what your child is working on. After all, not all children always share what they're doing at school. This way, you can better support your child(ren) in their learning process because you're better informed.

How does it work?

The teacher posts a message in the class. For instance, about a sports day, an excursion, or information about the teaching method being used. As a parent, you can view this information by logging in through the mobile app or the web environment. You can add agenda items directly to your phone's calendar through the app. This way, you'll receive timely reminders and never miss events. Parents receive an email invitation with a link to activate an account. Curious about how this works? Watch the video."


Closed Environment

Social Schools is a secure, closed platform. Only parents who have received permission from the school can access the environment. Parents are only granted access to the groups of their children.